Dundee Transportation Department

Bus Rules:

Please review the following bus rules with your student(s), when our students follow the rules on the bus it makes for a safe ride to and from school.  Driver distraction is a result of the rules not being followed and could result in an accident.

  1. Sit in your seat.
  2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself, and in your space.
  3. No eating or drinking on the bus.
  4. Talk quietly to your neighbor, no screaming.
  6. Listen to the bus driver, do what he/she says the first time.


Bus Notes:

Please be sure when writing bus notes include your student’s full name, the full address to where they are going, and the name of the person’s home they are going to.  Having all the information will cut down on confusion and ensure your student will get to the correct location.

When making a change in your students transportation please notify the office and to do so in a timely matter so all parties involved can be notified ahead of time.  It’s best to have changes called in by 11:00am.

If you have any questions/concerns please contact Stephanie Cleveland at the Bus Garage 607-243-5533 *4.