Dignity For All Students Act

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Dignity Act
Staff Resource Sheet

Building/District Contact List

Elementary Contact:

Laurie Hopkins-Halbert, Principal Ext 7516

Sheldon Gibson, Assistant Principal Ext 7514

Junior/Senior High Contact:  

Chris Arnold, Principal Ext 7506

Stephanie Washburn, Behavior Prevention Coordinator Ext 7501

District Contact:    

Kelly Houck, Superintendent Ext 7701

Stephanie Washburn , Dignity Act Coordinator Ext 7501

Reporting Procedure

Reporting forms will be located in the Elementary, Jr/Sr High, and District Offices.   There will also be a link to the reporting form on the Dundee Central Schools Website.    

** School Employees who witness or receive a report of harassment, bullying, or discrimination, to promptly orally notify the principal, superintendent or designee not later than one school day after and file a written report not later than two school days after making the oral report.

If you would like more information on the Dignity Act Legislation or the Reporting Requirements please review the Online Resource Guide.

Link to Online Resource Guide:   www.p12.nysed.gov/dignityact/

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