Printing in DCS

Along with the accounts that you are given once you join the Dundee district, you will also be given your own specific code. This code will be your ID number on School Tool, so it is very easy to find if you have forgotten it. We keep your code the same, and that includes if you leave the district and return later on. 

RICOH: Following you printing 

Our new printing system makes printing very easy, and you can do it from almost any printer in the building! When you are selecting what copier to send your document to, you select the "RICOH" system. From here, you can go to almost any printer and put in your code and your documents will appear in your account. You can select them and alter how many copies you need, and then press print. The system is quick and efficient, and the best part is that you can do it on the go. You may not be near the typical printer you would use, but you can stop anywhere else to grab it. It is much more convenient than selecting a specific printer to go to. 


Since the printers are not located in our office, that means we are not always up to speed with them. When it comes to these issues, you are our eyes. When there is an issue that you are aware of, please contact us. By simply walking away and not acknowledging us of the problem, it's prolonging us from getting the necessary repairs done. This can hinder staff and students from getting important work done. Sometimes we need outside techs to come handle issues that we are not able to resolve ourselves. That is why it is imperative to contact us as soon as you see there is an issue. This is for small and large problems, such as needing more toner, jams or other physical issues, and when things are not printing properly.