Dundee Central School Community:

Dundee Proud! When I drive around the Dundee community and see yard signs that support our school programs or simply state "Go Scots!" it makes me very proud to be a member of a community that is devoted to our school! I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year. For many of you, it is “welcome back.”  For our new students/families, it is a brand new journey filled with excitement and success.  To all of you, WELCOME!   

Our Mission is to provide a safe and orderly environment that fosters positive, lifelong learning experiences and respect for individual differences.  We have a number of programs in place for our students.  Our staff is very supportive and always has the needs of our students in mind. 

Dundee Central School district prides itself on assisting each child on an individual basis reach their fullest potential. We have an outstanding staff that possesses the essential skills needed to prepare our students for the 21st century and beyond. Academic preparation and personal development are the two purposes of education.  With that being said, school should also be a fun place for children to learn and grow. 

We want your child to be happy and successful at Dundee Central School and believe that you play a key role.  That role is to continually show interest in and support for your child.  The child who knows that his or her family is interested in and supports the school program will almost always have fewer problems in school and will enjoy greater success.

As with any school year, communication is the key to success. It is our hope to enhance communication between your home and school in order to ensure that we always have a good parent/teacher/school relationship. There are many ways to keep in touch, as well as to keep up to date on all that is going on at DCS in any given day, week or month. Here are a few tools to use to increase your communication with DCS: 

School Calendar of Events - Information on scheduled events, important school policies, school district phone numbers, website address and a host of other information can all be found in the events calendar. A school calendar will be mailed to each residence.

Website - Our school website address is http://www.dundeecs.org Here you will find valuable up to date information regarding school events, cancellations, teacher e-mail addresses, useful links, district policies, and community information.

E-mail - This is a great way to stay in touch and to receive answers to questions. Contact information can be found on the district website.

Phone - The school can be contacted directly by phoning 607-243-5533.

Other Forms of Communications - District newsletters, classroom newsletters, the electronic welcome sign, progress reports, report cards, parent teacher conferences, teacher web pages, Open House, are all other examples of how to communicate effectively with our district

Even though we are just embarking on a new school year I’d like to mention how extremely proud of our staff and teachers I am. The facilities and buildings look great, and on the first day of school, you can never tell that students just arrived back from summer vacation. There is Common Core learning and hands-on activities occurring everyday starting with the very first day.  Our students will be participating in many school activities and in just a few weeks our junior/senior high students will be involved in spirit week which culminates with a full blown maroon and white day where all students and staff are decked out in school colors. It's great to be Dundee!

I would like to ask for your help early, by inviting you to become an active member at our school. Please look for future invitations in the District Newsletters for opportunities to serve on various committees or information surrounding numerous school events and activities to attend. Your participation in these events will help create special memories for both you and your child.  Nothing but success for DCS!

Please know that I am committed to doing what is best for all children. I have high expectations for staff, students, parents and myself. If you have questions about anything regarding the education of your child, please do not hesitate to contact us. Working together creates the best learning environment for your child. I look forward to working with you for many years to come!

Nothing but success for DCS!

Kelly Houck
Dundee Central School