Dignity For All Students Act

Dignity Act
Staff Resource Sheet

Building/District Contact List

Elementary Contact:

Laurie Hopkins-Halbert, Principal Ext 7516

Junior/Senior High Contact:  

Chris Arnold, Principal Ext 7506

District Contact:    

Kelly Houck, Superintendent Ext 7701

Stephanie Betts , Dignity Act Coordinator Ext 7331

Reporting Procedure

Reporting forms will be located in the Elementary, Jr/Sr High, and District Offices.   There will also be a link to the reporting form on the Dundee Central Schools Website.    

** School Employees who witness or receive a report of harassment, bullying, or discrimination, to promptly orally notify the principal, superintendent or designee not later than one school day after and file a written report not later than two school days after making the oral report.

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Dundee Central School "Dignity Act Complaint Form" is anonymously received.