Dundee Wellness



The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 strengthenslocal school wellness policies so they become useful tools inevaluating, establishing, and maintaining healthy school environments

Partof this initiative requires us to adopt, follow and periodicallyevaluate a local school wellness policy. This policy include such itemsas goals for nutrition promotion and education, physical activity,school-based activities that promote student wellness, nutritionguidelines to promote student health and reduce childhood obesity.  During the 2015-2016 school year, we are evaluating our current policyand seek community input as to its content and focus.  If you have anycomments, please contact our Wellness Coordinator, Jennifer Hutches at(607) 243-5533, ext. 7503 or Email her at jhutches@dundeecs.org.  

Dundee Central School Wellness Policy 


Student Centered Wellness Activities. Intoday’s culture students and teachers are exposed to increasingly highlevels of stimulation and stress. Research indicates that high levelsof stress negatively impact physical health, brain functioning, workingmemory, attention, motivation, self-esteem. In our society today, inorder to have effective educational environments, we need high impactstress-reduction and human-development programs that support healthierand happier students, teachers, and administrators, and counterbalancethe high stress environments of our schools.   

Monday Mindfulness. Silenceisn't something people usually associate with an elementary school, butonce a week the halls and classrooms of DCS are quiet while studentsand staff practice mindfulness for several minutes.  This practice leadsto decreases in stress and anxiety, improvements in concentration andattention, and increased in self-awareness and overall emotionalwell-being.

DCS Workplace Health Program. TheDundee Central School District recognizes its responsibility to providea safe and hazard-free workplace, and the need to promote individualhealth and foster a healthy work environment.  It has successfullyimplemented a combination of individual and organizational levelstrategies and interventions to influence health, under the direction of its very active Wellness Committee, including:
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss & Control
Promotion of Preventive Medical & Dental Routines
Ongoing Wellness Activities & Incentives Throughout the School Year

Maintaininga healthier workforce can lower direct costs such as insurance premiumsand worker’s compensation claims. It will also positively impact manyindirect costs such as absenteeism and worker productivity.

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