Health Information Site



          On this site, we will provide current Health Information and Requirements per NYS Regulations and Dundee Central School Policies.  If you have questions at any time, please contact the Health Office (607-243-5533, ext. 7376).

          It is vital that you provide the school with current emergency numbers.  If these numbers change, please notify the school.  Students are released only to individuals on your list, so it is important that these be up-to-date.

          The Health Office provides services to all students Pre-K-12.  We see a variety of issues which makes it important that you keep us up-to-date on your child’s health needs.

*Alert us to any allergies, especially ones requiring an Epi-pen.

*When we have groups of individuals gathered together almost daily, there is a tendency to share things - please check your children often for head lice.

A Web page you may enjoy from UNL Extension in Lancaster County - Managing Head Lice Safely. View it at,

*Keep children home if they are ill with a fever, of if they were ill during the night.