Support Staff

There is a huge variety of support roles in the Dundee Central School, supporting the teaching and learning of pupils in a range of ways.

These include Teacher Aides, Clerical, Food Service Helpers, School Bus Drivers, Cleaners, and Maintenance to name but a few!

When vacancies occur, we'll advertise the vacancy on this website, and will also run advertisements in the local papers.  These are a good place to start looking for a job.

Every support staff position at Dundee Central School requires applicants to be approved by the Yates County Personnel Office prior to consideration. 

We are continuously recruiting for substitutes in all our support staff roles.  If you have been approved by Yates County Personnel Office for a support title in the Dundee Central School District, contact us at (607) 243-5533,extension 7703 and we'll request your application for review.